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Best Disneyland Trip Ever

So, he proposed today!  Well, it's after midnight so, technically yesterday.  Whichever. We went to Disneyland (we live close) and he really wanted to go to the Haunted Mansion (his favorite ride).  I don't know how well you guys know Disneyland, or that ride, but the first part of it is an elevator that takes you down...waaaaay down.  It's set up to be a stretching room.  The wall then opens up and you walk out and to the actual ride.  So, I'm looking around to see which wall is about to open when he grabs my hand and pulls me to my right.  I was thinking "weird, the doors opening over there, but w/e" and he's down on one knee holding a ring box.  He mangaged to get it out of his backpack while everyone was screaming in the dark...I didn't even hear the zipper.  He asked and I was like "woah, oh my God, yes, like woah!" or something like that.  He totally caught me off guard because he told me that he had ordered it but there were delays.  So yes, he got me good on that one.  :-)

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    Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! It's been my dream proposal for a long time. I live in Canada but I make trips down to California(disneyland) pretty regularly and tho I would kill to have a proposal there, I am to suspicious haha.I have no idea what he is going to do to propose because I am such a suspicious girl but we will see, time will tell!Congrats!!
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