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Myspace Lovers!

So, Greg and I met on mypsace originally. We later met in person at a local mall. (I hate malls!) haha. Anyway, we were inseparable from the first day we met. We decided to be with each other exclusively after two weeks of dating. 4 Years later, he proposed! (Talk about a looong story short!)So, I get home from work, and we were going out that night to celebrate the anniversary of the day that his Dad proposed to his Mom (this was Feb 2nd, 2009). We were going out for Chinese food (one of our favs!) with a bunch of people, including his Mom. (His Dad passed away last year). Anyway, I get home from work, and do my usual; change, and check my emails, myspace, etc.I get onto myspace, and I have emails. I have one from him. Okay, I have to explain something before I go any further, Greg is a very independent person; he never is interested in what I am up to on the computer, or elsewhere. Anyway, he was hovering that day...while I checked my myspace. I see that I have a message from Greg. The subject reads "Hey you". So, I turn around and I'm like what'd you send me? And he goes "I just found something cute". So, I was thinking a kitten picture, something like that. I open it and it just says "Turn around...."So...I turn around, and he's on bended knee with the closed ring box!I had this face:      :OAnd I was thinking 'whaaaat?'....is he really....?And he got really nervous, and teary-eyed, and his voice was cracking....and it was the cutest thing ever. He video taped it too.... My face when I turned around in the computer chair was priceless!

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