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Importance of Proposal Locations?

Question for you ladies and gents,I have recently found THE ring I would like to get. It was found with the man of my dreams and with both agreed that that particular ring was it.Now he has given me a rough guess-stimate as to when this proposal might happen, and tho it's hard to know if it's when he is going to do it(he loves that element of surprise and would play around with the timing to surprise me as much as possible), have you guys told your bf where you would prefer to get engaged? given ideas? hints? do you think it's going to be a spoiler to give those hints? how important is the location to you?There is one place that I really have in mind and would kill to be able to get engaged there but I don't want to expect it eitherand I know thats what would happen if I chose it as my engagement location.What have you been going thru now that you are waiting for your special moment?

Re: Importance of Proposal Locations?

  • hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    if it's that important, say something. 
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    The only thing I really mentioned was I didn't want it in front of a bunch of people...I even hate opening presents in front of people, and I would have been embarrassed (I don't really know why...?) Anyway, he definitely took that into consideration (he originally wanted to do it at the dinner to celebrate the day his Dad- who passed away last summer- proposed to his mom), in front of all his family and friends, and instead he did it before the dinner, when we were at home with only each other. I am so glad he listened to me about that! Haha...then we joined everyone for dinner, and they knew of course, and were all wanting to see the ring, etc.
  • rfinch316rfinch316 member
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    It was very important to me.... or so I thought. I had several ideas of where I hoped it would be, but when it didn't happen quite as I had imagined, I wasn't disappointed. It was just perfect. :)
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    It's so funny because I thought of where he could do it over and over again! It was ridiculous how much i thought of it. The place he did it ended up being the most perfect place EVER!! And i never thought of it once, i was shocked and am so happy that he did it there! (he did it on the front porch of the house he lived in college. we had so many memories on that porch, it was absolutely perfect!! i thought about him doing it IN the house and everything but never on the porch. it was perfect!!!)
  • lpurofflpuroff member
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    I dated my boyfriend for almost 6 years and he FINALLY proposed. I had dropped numerous hints that I wanted to get engaged/married sooner than later and he agreed that he did too but the timing "just wasn't right." I always thought he would propose at home or in a place where he felt most comfortable (not in public) but he pulled a fast one on me. We went on vacation in Mexico with my family and he proposed there. He had already asked my entire family (parents, aunt, grandparents, brother, etc) so that everyone was OK with his decision. It completely surprised me and made for a WONDERFUL story for us to share for years! Point being, don't ruin this opportunity for HIM to do something special for YOU! After all, does it really matter where or how he proposes or is the important part him proposing?!?!? I never thought my BF would do something so special and romantic and public but he did and it was the BEST surprise EVER!!!
  • AnnaT314AnnaT314 member
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    I got engaged this summer and I had no idea of the time or place!  I did go ring shopping with my fiance, because I felt that it was important that I had a ring that I loved.As for the proposal, I think it means a lot more when you just let you future-husband plan it himself.  If he knows you well enough, he will have an amazing proposal for you!My fiance proposed to me in front of a lighthouse on the water.  It was absolutely amazing and I had nothing to do with the planning of it.  He knew I loved lighthouses and the beach, so it really meant a lot that he was able to create something so special by himself.  I will forever remember that moment, when I was completely surprised and just absolutely smitten. :)
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    I would let him do it, part of what made my proposal even more special, was that he thought of everything and I loved it all!!
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    If I were you I wouldn't tell him where you want to get engaged but maybe give him some general perimeters like not in public or not at work if that's how you feel.
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