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Honeymoon Help….

Are there any seasoned travelers, I have a lot of questions. So we are about to booked the honeymoon, a cruise with carnival to Jamaica from Miami…but I just found out that you have to pay for all drinks on the cruise which sucks. And the cost to park at the port is $20 a day….Is there anyway to get around this?….Also the activities they have at each port what is the average price range or is that included with the price per passenger? Since we are booking threw one of those travel sites ( will we pay them for everything we plan to do or will we pay them just for the trip it self? What all documentation will we have to bring, I know a passport and ID is needed but will we need anything else? Sorry if I’m bombarding you ladies with so many questions it’s just this is all new to us, since we both have never really left Cincinnati.         
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Re: Honeymoon Help….

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    msapril0730msapril0730 member
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    I'm in the process of booking our HM also. I looked into a cruise since we can't decide where to go and the cruise is about the same price as staying at an all inclusive resort. With all inclusive you get meals, drinks, non motorized water sports, and lodging included in the price. Maybe you should look into some of those.

    A few resorts I can think of but google all inclusive jamaica and you will get some results


    admallard is taking a cruise for her HM so try asking her!

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    Are you flying in the day before the cruise leaves? If you aren't most of the cruise ships have shuttles from the airport to the port so you wouldn't really need a car you may want to check.  If you are flying in before check with the hotel where you are staying they may have a shuttle to the port also.  The different things at each port depends on what you want to do you could check with your travel agent cause they should be able to give you list with prices so you can make choices the shore excursions usually are not included in your cruise price.  You can wait till you get to the boat and chose your shore trips and you just have to pay for them at the end of the cruise.  But like pp said you may want to look at an all-inclusive resort where alot of the stuff is included in what you pay

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    hotrocker2011hotrocker2011 member
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    Thanks..The reason y we was looking at a cruise was because we are on a very tight $2500 budget and were paying for it our selves, we thought about the all-inclusive resort but they all seemed to high and out of our budget...

    We have not decided if we was going to fly in the day before or the day of just yet... we cant decide which one would probably be better to do...but most likely it will be the day of..
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    bmoton82bmoton82 member
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    I think if you book through a travel agent your price may be lower. The advertised price is usually lower when you actually book through them. And the sooner you book, the lower the rate is!

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    i cruise often (very often) and can share the following:

    1. the price that you pay does not include alcohol or shore excursions. 
    2. you must bring your passport with you.
    3. you can book excursions through the cruise line or you can book them on your own.  it is ALOT cheaper if you book on your own but you need to do your HW. 
    4. check out for information on your ship (which is it?), the ports and recommendations on shore excursions with independent companies.  
    5. i usually fly the morning of the cruise.  when i don't, i stay on at a hotel that has a shuttle to the port. 
    6. i usually book directly through carnival - i cross check with other travel sites and the prices are the same one all of the taxes and fees add up.

    hope this helps! 
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