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A Quiet Moment

Today has been insane. I woke up with my FI already awake. My cousins loading things to be taken to the reception venue. My FI went with my mom and others to the venue. When ready myself and a BM headed there. We setup the centerpieces.
Coming home I waited for instructions. My mom moved the luncheon from the park to my house. There apparently was no coals or very little. The guys stood around forever not doing crap and I was hungry. My grandma bugged me to take her to her friends for some nail polish. I was irritated. Finally everyone ate and we were only 7 minutes late to the rehearsal. The lady doing the music at the church kept cutting the songs off driving me crazy. We were able to go through the ceremoney twice...right now I am enjoying quiet with my FI before I head to my Godsisters for the night.
"Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours"
Janae & Olivier


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