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My MOH text me yesterday it was a pic of a dress "she" decided she wanted to wear in my wedding. Because all six of my BM and MOH are different shapes and sizes I decided to do the separates as clothing for the wedding I picked the skirt and they could pick the top (six different types).  She stated that she didn't like any of the items from David's because they didn't work for her body build, I was like WHAT girl how long you have been the size you are?. So after going back and forth I simply stated that " I understand if she chose not to be in my wedding because she didn't like the items I chose  but I will not allow you to change my vision for my wedding" and hung up the phone.  FYI She has been my friend since 2nd grade I never thought she would do something like this. My feelings was hurt at first now I am pissed off. 

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    Fsil did the same thing to me!!!!! I gave them the color at davids all they had to do was choose a dress in that color. Fsil went and got a dress 3 shades lighter and $10 cheaper then the 1 she liked at davids.........I was so hot FI had to step in and mediate my mom even offered to buy her a new dress at davids I'm over it his other sister wants her dress "made" smh
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    I don't bame you know one bit for being upset.  It's your wedding.  It's your day.  I can't stand when the BP thinks that because they are in the wedding that somehow it is their day too.  NO!  They are there to support the bride and the groom. 

    I think you are working with your girls to find an ensemble that they feel comfortable in yet still works with your vision.  For that one BM to take it upon herself to just go and pick a total different outfit is a bit brash.  If I am in the BP and the bride wants me to wear certain items then I am all for it.  If it is something that I can't handle, then I will excuse myself from the party.  

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    That happened to me too... and I only had 4 girls in my BP.  One decided to go rouge and buy her dress before the final color selection was made, and then did not bring the color swatch with her when we went dress shopping.  She stated that she wanted to be different.... really boo!!!! I told her this is not your wedding. 
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    Yeah I had the same problem with fsil sending mass anti-dress messages. Sometimes they get a little excited and they forget the purpose. My MOH told me to ignore it because no one would be looking at anyone but the bride!!!!
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