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So it was 3:33am when I had this burst of creativity and just all over romancce and I decided to get started on my vows. It is now 3:54am and I just finished them...

Once upon a time is how our love and our story begins, but writing it is a whole other story just in trying to describe it all. Describing us is like trying to describe E=MC squared to a 2 year old, it just can’t be done. The relationship and the connection we have are also so indescribable. You have been a friend, counselor, patient, banker, nurse, and many more things to me and me to you. I am pledging to continue be all those and more to you from this moment and every moment forward. Every moment I have spent with you has been beyond priceless from our first kiss in Boston to being stuck on a train on a snowy morning in Belgium, to being evacuated from a hotel in Scotland; I am taking you for all of our experiences for richer or for poorer. We can have a great time anywhere with or without money. I remember our Paris trip like it was yesterday mostly because I was unforgivably sick with Bronchitis and you took such great care of me. Then there was the time when you were really sick this past May and despite having to worry about school I wanted to come to Belgium and make sure you were all taken care of. I will be there from this moment forward no matter if you are sick or in good health.  My love for you is one that cannot be bought or found in the deepest corner in the world. The love I hold in my heart for you is a one of a kind original. Something about you jumped out and grabbed at my heart strings and they will hold on and I will hold on to you and be with you always until death do us part.  When I look at our story, our very original fairytale, romantic comedy, and epic adventure I would never take it back and I can never imagine my life any other way or with any other person. When you add all of this together you get one simple phrase, “And they lived happily ever after.”  

Ok I am going to bed now.
"Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours"
Janae & Olivier


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