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Baaad Sunday (Vent)

So Friday I drove to my friend's house to drop off some stuff for the party on Saturday. As I walked around the front of my car, I noticed steam/smoke just pouring out of the corner. Popped the hood and the coolant was boiling and the container rocking like it was possessed. Coolant had spilled out the top pressure release and landed on the hot engine which was causing the steam. Turned the car back on momentarily to check the gauges and not a single freakin' lot had gone one to notify me, although I noticed the heat gauge was at 75%. I had to leave my car there and have FI come pick me up.Saturday, my day was already stacked too busy in prep for the party that night (which went ok other than I had to duck out of the murder mystery game for about an hour thanks to an anxiety attack) and I just couldn't deal with my car.Sunday, called Firestone and they agreed with my dad that I should not drive it the 1.4 miles in because if it was serious, it could crack my head gaskets. (Ugh, 2 cracked gaskets is what killed my last car) $82 tow to the shop (no, I forgot to sign up for AAA last month when I finally had the money; I let it lapse when I was unemployed as I couldn't afford it). After running diagnostics: thermostat is shot. It kept sticking so didn't tell the car it was overheating. Radiator now has a leak and has to be removed to be patched. New radiator hoses...Total: $912!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crap!!!! And I was just at the point I could put at least an extra $50 away for the wedding each month. I was not in any mood to attempt going to the GTG nor could I spend any money on food or a drink, so that sucked, too!To top it off, my oblique muscle on the right side has been twitching since Sunday morning, which worries me that my shoulder muscles are trying to get all screwed up again. Waaaah....I am hella cranky! And that's not EVEN getting into the sh!tstorm that I got on my FB wallpost from my cousin and my mother because I wrote OMFG in my post about my car. Thanks for the SUPPORT and COMPASSION rather than a lecture about my language (seriously?! I didn't write it out!)
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Re: Baaad Sunday (Vent)

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    I'm so sorry. I figured something must've happened that made you not be able to come yesterday. I can relate to the cooling issues on a car. My last car, my 1993 Camry that I had for over 6 years, I went through 2 radiators on that thing (radiator I had to replace the first one had a small hairline crack that was fine until 1 month outside of the repair warranty). It did overheat once when the fist radiator went out and I noticed the steam as well as my temp guage going up, but no other light came on in my car when it overheated. As for the family, I say delete what they wrote on your wall. It's your wall. Eff em. :) It'll be okay. Just take it easy, especially with that muscle. Hot bubble bath sounds in order tonight.
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    aw :(  I'm sorry your weekend was sucky.  I would also delete those comments - it's a public forum and that's not really appropriate in my opinion, especially from family. I hope things start to get better!  I know car stuff is not fun.
  • marksmartinimarksmartini member
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    Sorry, that sucks! I think you have every reason to write OMFG... Maybe you should go write it on their walls too... LOL Hope things get better for you. I hate car problems and it is the worst when it is expensive like that especially when you are saving for the wedding. I am sending good vibes your way!
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    Goodness, you had a bad weekend! I'm so sorry that all these things are happening to you. I'm sending good thoughts your way. Hopefully the bad luck has passed on. Hope your week is getting better.
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    Sounds like quite the crappy weekend! On the positive side, things come in 3's so I say you are good to go now!
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  • ZistaZista member
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    KST, we were sad to miss you.  :(However, if you would like some solidarity, I'm sure quite a few of us would be willing to write OMFG all over your wall.  :)

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    Hahahaha....my friend didn't know it was my mom and cousin so he wrote after them chastising them. It was great. :D He sent me an inbox message right (saying he apologized but they really irritated him) when I was writing to him to say thanks for saying what I couldn't.In a good turn, I got my car back yesterday. Sorry, I missed you gals, too. I was looking forward to it but just couldn't handle one more thing at that point. Looking forward to November!
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