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Hey girl!!!! Can you tell me more about Swank Photo. We are in Greensboro but are thinking about moving to Clayton, NC. I went to Smithfield about two weeks ago. I would love to know how much is she charging and how many outfits do you get to get?

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    So the Boudoir session at Swank is usually $300-$400 but she rents her space to other photographers too.  So tobypass this cost....I am going with Melinda of In the Grain Photography since she had a deal going (free pix for the first craigslist reply about a week ago) and wanted to rent the space anyway. This is for 2-3 hours and you get as many changes as you want. Why is it free? She is working on a new technique called OCF: Melinda does well we may go with her for the wedding as she is running a 40% off deal on her Bridezilla Package (reg. $1300 / sale. $780).http://inthegrainphotography.comMelinda's email addy is I told her I may have a few girlfriends that may be interested in taking advantage of the free session.  if you are just mention my name Cicely Mitchell ( referred you and mention the free deal to see if she still has slots open.
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    Thanks for the info. The only thing is that I would not want to take the pictures until next year :-( I wish I could get in on the free session. Thanks again. I will keep them on the list though.
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