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Wedding, Honeymoon, Hair...Oh my (kinda long)

I'm new to the board, and seeking serious advice. I need something to do w/my hair on my wedding day that will take me into our 10 day honeymoon. I normally do my hair myself, including relaxing, trimming, etc, and I definitely don't have the wet-and-go grade of hair, it always requires a flat iron. I want a messy low bun for my wedding day, which I know is going to require additional hair, but what can options would I have for not keeping the style for the honeymoon (our flight leaves 6am the next morning, so I'd love to get up and go). I've never worn a weave/extensions/braids, so I don't think now is the time for me to experiment with a painful head! I'm hoping this rambling makes sense, but any advice on what would be the best 'method' would be greatly appreciated...
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Re: Wedding, Honeymoon, Hair...Oh my (kinda long)

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    hey and welcome to the board and most importantly CONGRATS on your engagement!! ok so onto bidness (LOL!) - are you saying that you DO NOT want weave/extensions/braids because you don't want to deal with a sore head or just plainly stating you've never rocked any of those before??...if you are set on not using weave/extensions/braids, you can always do your style yourself by creating a low swoop bang (after setting your hair in loose curls) and then pinning some loose waft weave around your ponytail that you've positioned in the back or side of your head...once you've secured the hair around your ponytail put some very loose curls in it and then twist and pin it into the bun look you are going for...I recommend you practice this BEFORE you go to your DW so that you have it down without any problems...I've attached a sample pic of the style I'm trying to describe to you...I copied it from our fellow AAW Knottie - asuanta's bio...HTH and GL!!  :)
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