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I got on for one reason and one reason only! Your pics are on FI-YA! So lemme give u a mental setting of my evening last night. I settled in to play with Della (my PC) for a minute before getting into my book. I didn't wanna pull up your pics at work since they were of a 'sensitive' nature! Anyway, I'm like "this girl is workin' it". INSTANTLY, Perry appears behind me and says "u took some more of them pictures? When's the book coming in?" OBVIOUSLY he didn't get a good look cuz our bodies are NOT the same....and that's a good thing for you! Trust me! LOL! Anyway, I slam Della shut and tell him to mind his business. Then he gets all curious talkin' bout it ain't nothing he's never seen before and all that jazz. So I challenge him and tell him it BET NOT be something he's seen before! LOL! Looong story short, your pics was causing drama in my house last night! LOL! Your outfits and props were really nice. And u was standing at that window like u was waiting for something to go down honey! And I'mma have to get me some canteloupes (sp) when I do mine again! LMAO!

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