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hey girl...hope your day is going great...I mentioned to you yesterday I would post info on the types of flowers to use for your pomander or kissing here's what I found.most of the pomanders are made with whichever flower YOU like...there isn't a right or wrong flower to use...what I have noticed is that most of them are made with full bloomed flowers (roses, hydrangeas, chryanthemums, gerber daisies, carnations, etc.)...I think you and your flower lady should go to Michael's or any other store that carries a variety of different florals to see which flower you like best to go with your color the meantime, here are instructions on how to make your pomanders:items needed:syrofoam sphere for silk flower coordinating ribbon20 - 35 flower tops of your choicehot glue for the ribbon & flowers1) snip the flowers off the bunch leaving an inch or two of stem to be inserted into the styrofoam sphere2) take hot gule gun & put a bit of glue on the tip of each stem & press it into the styrofoam sphere; repeat all over the ball until it is covered leaving no spaces where the sphere can be seen3) cut some ribbon to be inserted in the sphere, fold ribbon in half and take a couple of straight pins & pin down the cut ends into the sphere (the other end will be the loop for FG to carry it) and then put hot glue under the ribbon where it can be secured properlyas an added bonus you could incorporate the pomander into a centerpiece for your tables as well, just don't attach a ribbon to them and just place in the center of your table.what i noticed on alot of sites regarding this DIY project is that you need to PRACTICE doing this until you get it down to where the end product is perfect...HTH!!  ;)

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