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Photography vent....

The latest thing that has been sort of making me crazy is trying to find a rainy day option location. Rhode Island is small and they are limited places to take pictures and it costs an arm and a leg for like 2 hrs worth of photos.

I completely forgot about researching rainy day photos so if it could rain in your area don't forget to look into other locations for rainy day options....

Ok, I think I am done whining now....
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Re: Photography vent....

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    If It rains I am getting an umbrella :)  That is all not trying to scout another location
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    haha, there is an option. FI doesn't think it is going to rain on our wedding day and it is going to be like 100 degrees. But you never know with New England weather.
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    It won't rain in July :)
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    Thunderstorms are inevitable on our wedding day and I already paid $50 for a park permit so I'm taking photos in the park!  Def need to get some umbrellas.....

    There really are no indoor options around here, either  :(
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    Luckily we are able to do everything indoors if it rains =)  However, I want to take outside pictures too! so crossing fingers for no rain!
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    I'm buyng a couple giant umbrellas. That way if it rains I can still get outdoor photos! I may take a few with the umbrellas anyway since I like the look of the pictures!

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