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I am not sure if you received my response to your makeup artist session but I wanted to tell you about Shavon Lyon of Fierce Make-Up Artistry.  She does airbrush bridal make up.  I'm not sure what your budget is, but her work is "fierce"!  Also, I read in your blog (I love your blog, btw.  You have such a cool wedding theme, and I loooove the decor!) that after your wedding you will go to a lounge and if you haven't considered this place I would like to suggest Churchill's.  It is right across the street from Kress Terrace and they usually have great live bands.  One of my favorites is Urban Sophisticates.  They're a mix of neo-soul meets hip hop.  Lastly, a while back you recommended a website with cool inspiration boards.  Please tell me the name of the website again.  Thanks.

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    Hey, girl!Thanx for the recs for the "after-party" spots. The i-board site I currently use is  I'll look into Fierce MUA. Good lookin out. Met with Fresh Affairs today to discuss deco and Lyn Graves loved the lounge ides too. Feeling great about it.  Still don't have it all priced out but hope we can make it happen.
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    Thanks Cicy.  I'll check out the i-board site.  I hope everything works out with your meeting with the decor person.
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