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girlllllllllll, why am I just now paying attention to your siggy pic and explanation........oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one that did that!!!...LOL!...girl my DH was so made at me one time cuz we passed by KK and about 10 secs later the HOT DONUTS light came on and I told him "TURN AROUND THE LIGHT CAME ON, I WANT A DOZEN!!"...I was dead serious...he was cussing me for all I was worth - did I care?! - hayle naw!!!...that fool got my donuts anyway!!!DISCLAIMER:  The story told just now was of a woman who was a professed FATTY, those thoughts and views are no longer part of her lifestyle and should not be replicated due to possiblity of causing great disharmony in your household!...LMBAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  :)

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    winter443winter443 member
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    lmao @ your disclaimer, you are crazy alf! lol
    I love my baby, yep yep, he loves this chick! imageimageimageMy Planning Bio
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    ddyoungddyoung member
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    hahahhaha ur disclaimer is a mess! but they are already being replicated. too late.  and FI knows how I am and he will randomly bring home a dozen krispy kreme donuts.  thats when I'm like why are you trying to sabotage my girlish figure lol. because i will sit there and eat them one after the other!! i'm glad you are reformed!like amy winehouse said, i don't wanna go to rehab!!! im not ready to put them down yet lol.
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