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Honeymoon 411..What are your plans?

Hi Ladies,

So DH and I have been married for exactly 34 days and marriage is great. We had a destination wedding so we've decided to take our official honeymoon in May. Since I know longer have wedding stuff to do, I'm transferring all of that energy into planning a fabulous trip. DH and I have stressful jobs (like everyone, lol) so when we vacation, DH just wants to relax. I'm content to swim and lay on the beach all day, but I enjoy site seeing and excursions as well.  We considered going to Europe because we've never been, but due to time constraints, decided to stick closer to home and go to the Carribean. DH's only requirement is that we have a private pool and that it be all inclusive. So we've decided to go with a villa property. Of course, now that means that we've got to narrow it down. Our deadline is tomorrow. Right now we are torn between Negril, Jamaica (we've been many times but reallly love it), Grenada or Martinque. Martinique is winning for me, but the difficulty is findiing a decent flight with minimal layovers (our time is really limited so we want to get there asap).

Enough about me. Where are you all going and how did you decide?

Re: Honeymoon 411..What are your plans?

  • As you can see in my signature we are going to Africa. There is a place called Obudu Mountain Resort.. We have been on several beach vacations so we wanted to do something different. Plus I have never been to Africa so I'm extremely excited.

    We can hike, horseback ride, swim, relax, bird watch, etc.. We might take a car service to a Safari. I'm looking forward to some adventure! Here is a picture of the Villas.

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  • That looks awesome Carla! I'm dying to travel around Africa. My dream honeymoon would have been to go on safari, but unfortunately my schedule did not allow for that. But one day.....
  • Thanks!!

    A part of me loves adventures and then a part of me thinks of all those "when animals attack" shows. I never blame the animals and wonder why are people in their territory. Now look at me thinking about a Safari...... LOL!
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  • We're going to Aruba!  Got an awesome deal on flights this week $390/pp! WHAT?! Sold :-)
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  • Boo and I are going to the Dominican Republic... EVERY resort on that island is all inclusive, and they are gorgeous.

    We decided on the DR because it's a place where neither of us have been. My family is from Barbados, and I have other family members that live in different islands as well.. so while I'm well traveled on the island hopping... FI has NEVER gone outside of the US. We figured it would give us both something to look forward to..

    That.. and we don't have to pay for our honeymoon. It's a gift from my father and step mother.. so we're not trying to break the bank!
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  • I too am going to DR to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino..
  • We're going to the DR! I can't wait!!


  • DH and I married in October, but we just returned from our honeymoon late Christmas Eve.  We went to St. Lucia and stayed at Sandals LaToc.  We loved our resort and heart the island even more. We had a chance to go off resort on some really cool excursions.  We would highly recommend St. Lucia as a destinaton.  

    Carla1019:  I am so jealous of your honeymoon in Africa.  Enjoy!
  • @ Carla: LMAO at the "when animals attack" scenario! My H told me that I'm definitely going to get bit by a lion if we go on safari b/c I'm always talking about the people on those shows. It's weird because I'm such a scaredy-cat, but I love the outdoors and trying new things.  That resort looks super awesome. Make sure you post a review after your trip.

    We booked our trip yesterday. We're going to Negril and will be staying in a an all-inclusive villa resort with butler service. 

    Has anyone been to Trindad? We're going there with friends for Carnival this year. My DH is Trini and I'm super excited to meet the rest of his family and see the island.
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    We're going to Fiji for 2 weeks, so excited!!!
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