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Appointments for Tomorrow

I'm trying to finish up selecting all of my vendors. So, tomorrow, I have an appt with the linens/photographer/candy bar lady. {And whatever else she may have to offer.} FYI, she's the photographer that most of you voted for in the poll last week. {}

Then we're going to meet with another photographer. This appt will focus on e-pix, but we will also go over their wedding day photography/videography packages. I really love her work and she was really nice over the phone. {}

Re: Appointments for Tomorrow

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    Wish you luck! 
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    cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    How exciting!  Have fun and make sure to not agree to any pricing upfront ... negotiate!!!  

    I absolutely love the candy buffets at the Saavy Couture site.  They look soooo good!! 
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    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have fun but remember to have all your questions written out before you go so that you get the answers you want/need.  Then come back and give us a recap of your wonderful adventure as a full fledged bride cuz once you go to wedding appts, that's exactly what you are!!
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    OMG, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE ASKING?! I have a clue of some questions, but not a lot of questions. Oh Lord!
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