July 2012 Weddings

So very long, so very sorry.

Hi everybody,

My name is Anna and I am engaged to a man named David.

We met at church and were friends for awhile, but somehow we started to date and things took off. Neither one of us were even looking for someone to date, it just kind of happened. Funny how things like that work out, huh? We do not live together and wont until after we get married, yes we are the kind of a couple. We do spend the night at each other’s places, but we think it’s just better that we do not move in together just yet.

Our date is July 21st 2012, and we will be getting married at our church, and having our reception at a park down the road on the lake front. If it rains we will just keep it at the church.

It is a full DYI wedding. From flowers, to centerpieces, to … well let us just list what are NOT a DIY project, the rings, and clothing. Everything else is.

Our theme will be Family Board Games. Each table will have its own game on it (on a spinning thingy *okay spinning thing is also not a DYI*) and there will so be candles on the tables (gel probably) and inside the candles will be metal game pieces associated with that table.

Why board games? Glad you asked, because it’s the one of the things we enjoy doing together, and with other family members. It’s a great social thing, it gets people to talk and get to know each other. We grew up in families that just love having a family game night. So we want to bring the family closeness element to our wedding; since we are joining two families.

And because I hate the sound of glasses clicking, and bells ringing if they (the guest) want to see us kiss, they will have to read off a question from a number of trivial pursuit cards off of their table, and we will pick another guest to answer that question. If they get it correct then we will kiss, if not then they can try again. And no these cards will be from the JR game, and they can get help from the people at their table.

I will be making the food myself (God help me!), as well as the sugar cookies for our sugar cookie bar. The sugar cookie bar will have a bunch of homemade frostings, and store bought candies, sprinkles and every other razzle dazzle thing known to mankind.

Thinking to yourself “Wow this chick is nuts!” yeah I am. I take on a lot. But I have amazing friends, family, and David is even more so and they all said they will help with what they can.

Colours will be some shade of green, another some shade of blue, a brown, and white. I am not sure what green or blue go with brown and white. It will come to me one day.

Sorry this is so long, just a lot of information to post out there in the world. And I am a talker.

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