I would love to hear more about your time in Hawaii. You stayed at the Sheraton? How was your experience there? Was the water beautiful and blue?Our story is crazy. I still can't believe how long I didn't realize that Nick was a twin. I seriously didn't know for probably 3 months. :0)
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    Sarah - I SERIOUSLY loved my time there!  My sister had a destination wedding where the only guests invited were both sets of parents and all the siblings (and any spouses) but her 2 best friends party crashed. Since I was still in college, my sister paid for my airfare and my share of the room I shared with my brother (ah, Microsoft salaries in the heyday!) so I can't tell you much about pricing. Just bear in mind, my trip was in 2001 so some things may have changed.Sheraton: we had one of the cheaper rooms, but still had an ocean view. The beds were really comfy and the decor was neutral and nice. I seriously loved their grill that overlooked the beach and Ka'anapali Point! I ate lunch there almost every day: spiral cut perfectly seared hot dog and pina colada. They have one of those fun pools that's kind of 'natural' with rocks, etc. I didn't bother with it when a gorgeous beach was 2 steps away.Lahaina: Oldest settlement. I really liked wandering around this town, lots of little shops everywhere. The oldest tree is there and it's huge and really cool. We had the rehearsal dinner at The Old Lahaina Luau where the food was good and the entertainment great. Girls with lnice shapes for the menfolk and niiiice thighs on the guys for us to enjoy. :)The water was gorgeous! Having grown up on the Oregon coast, I'm familiar with the Pacific, but I almost died stepping into ocean water that was warm! I was only there for about 4 days, one of which was all wedding festivities. One thing I would totally encourage is to take the snorkeling trip. It's a boat ride of some length (hour?) to this amazing cove with the most gorgeous sea life. That was my favorite part of the whole trip! I saw a sea turtle, and giant black sea urchins larger than a foot across. I almost didn't get back in the boat, I just wanted to stay. :)I really loved the trip, obviously. My brother still has his pictures online - go to torkko.com and under pictures, 2001 will be about 7 pages worth you can see.
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