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I'm trying not to freak out-anyone diy their slideshow?  No my dj doesn't do that just found out and I'm not very good at this sort of thing...any tips, advice etc? I know I'll need to rent a projector and screen, have a laptop but that's the extent of myknowledge but   I realllllly want to have one!

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    does your venue have anything? or know of a good renters? that's where i would start. we diy'd our slideshow using a program called "photostory". the results are awesome, but it's a pain to work in.
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  • I used a web site called Animoto (www.animoto.com) and I loved it!  You just upload the pictures you want to use along with an mp3 for the soundtrack, then tell the web site to go generate a movie clip.  The rendering engine does some cool stuff like evaluate the speed of the soundtrack and times the transition for each of your pictures.  You really don't have to do any work, and the results look very professional and fun.  This saved me hours and hours of work the week before my wedding!  Also, we had the slideshow playing during the cocktail hour so we were also able to save money by not having to pay a DJ to provide the background music.  This was definitely one of my favorite DIY projects.
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    try using microsoft photo story 3.  i used photo story to create my slide show and i thought it was really easy.  i think the easiest thing to do is to copy all the photos you want to use into a folder, then import that folder and add some music.  photo story will add all the transitions automatically.  you can adjust them if you like or leave them as-is.i would also make sure that you test out your laptop to projector connection beforehand, and have someone in charge of running it.   (e.g. know how to project from the laptop to the projector) 
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    Thanks! My moh/sister is tech savvy and offered for this to be her project while I was freaking out, I'll let her know of your advice! :)
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