NIGHTMARE! Desperate Housewives!

Did anyone else have crazy dreams/nightmares about the wedding scene in last night's episode? I swear, I woke up in a sweat and didn't want to go back to sleep. I was dreaming that my neighbor girl took Sharpie pen to my dress and her dog was chewing on it as I walked down the aisle. Ahhhhkkkkk!

Re: NIGHTMARE! Desperate Housewives!

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    Omg, I don't watch that show but that would be horrifying! luckily it's not true.
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    I'm sure the nightmare sucked, but it's kind of funny. :) Wait...did YOU 'steal' your fiance back from a friend who's all upset? I felt bad for Katherine. I giggled at her answering the door in the dress but thought the sauce bit was just over the top and I don't like how they're turning her character into psycho stalker.
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    I didn't but I couldn't believe that moment when Mike told her to leave. I wanted to cry for her, but then she was kinda a Biotch to Susan, so I didn't really feel bad after that. I am really looking forward to watching these two argue since Edie is gone. I love the whole story line with Gabbie and the snotty teenager too.
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