Question about addressing invites

In lieu of an inner envelope, my invites will have a paper belly band with the guests names on it. I am debating about whether I should go the traditional route (e.g.,  "Mr. and Mrs. XX") or put their first names (e.g., "Scott and Stacey").Most things I'm reading says first names are OK for less formal weddings. While our wedding is formal, I feel like the fact that it's not actually an inner envelope, but a paper band lends well to making it a little more personalized?How much do people actually know about these things?? =)

Re: Question about addressing invites

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    I don't *know* anything about these things, but in my uninformed opinion, I like the first name version. Formal is for outside envelopes, I feel like inside is more personal and friendly.
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    No one will know any better if you do it the way you want. I say go for it.
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    I would say address them with their first names on the band. I've seen etequitte sites have it both ways where the outside has Mr. and Mrs. XX and the inner with just first names and both with Mr. and Mrs. XX, I'd say go for it!
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    i'm for formailty for a formal wedding... (there's a lot a "for" 's in that sentence).  mr. & mrs.
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    Urgh, these things annoy me. I say go with the first names if you want to. Now with people not changing their names and things who knows what to call anyone any more. I am not looking forward to doing mine. I think I will just address mine "to person living at address below". ha ha.
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    LOL. "To our friendly neighbor at"
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    Well, I am certainly not one to speak to etiquette. I just did first names on our inner envelope because I wanted it to be more personal. :)

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    It's not about what people actually know about these things, but what you prefer. Remember, it's your damn wedding. I tended to forget that little detail...it caused me stress. Stress sucks. Don't let it get you too! Oh by the by, I like the first names. it would make me as the guest feel singled out and more special than a Mr. or Mrs.
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    I agree, I like first names, we are doing it as well. Definitely more personal.
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    I agree that first names feels more personal - it's probably what we'll end up doing.
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