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so we've found 2 photography companies that we really really like, Always Focused On You photography and Studio 6.  Anyone have any references to help me out?

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    I know there are a couple Knotties who are using Studio 6.  I know one Knottie cancelled with them for some reason(s) I cannot quite remember.  The former company sounds familiar, but maybe it's just from when I was browsing?  I suggest checking out the vendor reviews page on the Seattle Knotties Bio (one of the links in Jennlin's siggy).
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    "always focused on you" constantly posts cheesy ads on craig's list... i'm not sure if i'd trust a company that "tries so hard" unless you are completely sold on their skills/results.  great photographers generally work on word of mouth only & don't need to do much advertising.
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    ditto the previous post. Also im plugging my family photographer as his wedding pics are amazing.....www.gigharborphotography.com
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