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Using that dress a THIRD time y'all

No, Im NOT having another wedding.

I never got around to doing the budior shoot ahead of time.  Ive made arrangements with my photag to do a VERY sexxy wedding shoot in about 2 months.  (back to working out)  Kinda a spin on "trash the dress".... maybe "Trashy in the dress"....haha. Of coarse I'll have the lingerie shots and also a football jersey and panties shot & some others. 
I'll let y'all know how it goes.
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Re: Using that dress a THIRD time y'all

  • Nice! That dress is being put to work!!
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    [QUOTE]Nice! That dress is being put to work!!
    Posted by M1ssJ[/QUOTE]

    Ill be damned if I pay 4 figures for a dress, wear it once and loose it in the back of my closet for a daughter that I may or may not have one day that may or may not think my dress is hideous
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  • Yeeesss for getting your $$$'s worth! I love this idea. Very cute :)
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  • I think that is a great idea. Speaking of hideous dresses, did anybody see Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta last night? OMG that poor brides fam was horrible! Just plain rude.

    Her mom picked out this GOD AWFUL dress and her BM said she looked like a walking doiley. Then someone else said she looked like a line backer. You could really tell she liked the dress her dad picked out but her mom didn't so she was going up a rock and a hard place.
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  • THE families on there are always sooooo's like theyre having a roast instead of looking for a beautiful dress..

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  • im about to onDemand this
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