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Made you all look didn't I?? Curious you all are, aren't you? Anyways wanted to get your take on this. Your in the process of meeting with a Vendor and you ask to set up a time to meet them and then you set up a time and then realize that their business is at least 2 hrs away from where you are. Would you drive a distant to meet a Vendor, especially if their are ones that you like closer in your local area?

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  • emilyasiegelemilyasiegel member
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    I personally wouldn't, I'd want one closer to me, our my venue, or one willing to drive and at least meet me in the middle if they are the type of vendor that is able to.
  • dmw_2010dmw_2010 member
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    If there are closer options? Not unless they came very highly recommended or I really, really liked them. Even in that case, I'd probably ask if they could meet in the middle somewhere if possible.
  • melissa82melissa82 member
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    Depends. What type of vendor is it?If it was someone who was really reasonably priced and highly recommended or a photographer whose work I LOVED, I might. I would definitely ask if they would be willing to meet halfway (I did that with a couple of vendors, although one did stand me up!)I had some vendors I never met with. My band I saw live, but I only talked with their manager/booking person on the phone. My florist I only talked to on the phone (but I didn't need floral centerpieces or a lot of flowers at all). Videographer I only talked to via e-mail (but pretty extensively, and loved all the samples they sent me). Limo my mom booked and we definitely didn't go look at the cars. So I guess if it was one of those vendors, I might not go meet them at all. =)
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    For me it depends on how commited I am to meet with that vendor. If I was in LOVE, I would totally drive two hours. If not I would see if they would meet me half way or in my neighborhood.
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  • jeannigirljeannigirl member
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    I just received a message from the Vendor which is a photographer and she said we could meet closer. I wasn't sure I was just thinking from what I would do if I wanted some ones business either I would drive or decline. I'm not sure if because I liked someones work that I want to drive all the way to Olympia or like Tacoma or Federal Way thats still takes my gas money and I have alot of running around looking at other Venues and other photgraphers and I am trying to stretch the gas.
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    I wouldn't travel 2 hours. If they want your business you'd think they'd travel half way to meet you! Unless its a venue or something.
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