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Monday Accountability

Tell us how your workouts (WO) and wedding projects (WR) are going!
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Re: Monday Accountability

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    WO: I completed 4 workout last week! I was really proud of me. No changes seen yet. I'm a bit under the weather this week, so I will have to push myself. 

    • FI found his ring...only for it to be discounted in this size. So still looking
    • FI is allowing me to take control on some the things that need to be completed on his side: GM tie/vest orders
    • This weekend, cake tasting/venue meeting/florist meeting
    • Started to buy candy for the candy bar: Blue items sold during Easter = YES!
    • Start talking with FSIL about FGs/RB attire

    NWR:  My job search is going well. Please pray for me that I am given a offer soon!
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    WO: Still going to my Spin Classes.. Made it 6 days last week... I am trying to not stress over the scale.. and Just continue to stay with it.. watching what I eat and my calorie intake...6lbs down..

    WR: Invites out.. and got one RSVP back.. Time to finish my brooch bouquet.. next on my to do list...
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    WO..I have pretty much given up on working out. Mu schedule seems to be too hectic. But I havre been eating better, drinking, water amd not eating as late as I normally do. WR...started buying candy for the candy bar. Worked on card box, found jewerly for BMs, operation assemble invitations is in effect. Hoping to have them mailed out by the weekend.
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    WO: slacked a little last week, only worked out 2 days. The plan is to work out every day after work.

    WR: Went cheesecake tasting - FI decided he wanted a cheesecake for his groom's cake
    Finished the labels for the candy jars
    Finished numbering my boxes and put them all on my packing list for the coordinator
    Finsished writing the ceremony (ie - took what my Pastor had and re-worked it) - now have to work on the vows
    Need to finish the photography timeline
    Getting RSVPs back

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    WO- I finally went back to the gym last week- I only went twice, but thats better than what I had been doing. Now if I could just cut back on the sweets again I may be ok.

    WR- we met with a different photog yesterday and booked him. I am happy with the change and at least I have a contract now. I'm still contemplating what my girls will carry. I'm not a flower person so I really don't want them at all. FI is calling a list of DJ's this week or at least he is supposed to. Time doesn't seem to be on my side anymore. I have to get going!!!!!
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