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The End to a GREAT Weekend! Checks LONG

Wow ladies this has really been a great weekend. I was really starting to get down about all the recent things concerning the wedding that were falling apart. Just when I was ready to bury my head into the sand some great things happened.

I was ready to go to a venue that another Knottie was telling me about on Friday but my schedule and the venue schedule was not working. I was kind of down about that but they told me I could come in at 8:30 the next morning. I am not a morning person at all and on top of that it was snowing so I was extra not looking forward to it. Nevertheless I pushed FI out the bed and his son bright and early.

We got there and the lady Patty that we met was super duper nice! Even that early in the morning. She was super nice she treat us like we were her long lost cousins that she had not seen in years. She was so nice to FI's son and she went over every thought she had for our big day. We talked for over an hour. She was so apologetic for the other hall closing on us and adding stress to our big day. I have never experience that from a vendor before but I felt her warmth and sincerity and I really appreciated it. Needless to say WE BOOKED! We gave our deposit and will come in for a tasting in the next few weeks to get our menu hammered down. The price is even LESS than what we were spending at the other venue and it looks 10 times better. They have recently renovated and they are not done yet. I am so excited

Fast forward a few hours I meet up with a knottie from my local board at a bakery that she recommended for a cake tasting. No only do I get to eat yummy cake I also get to meet a great person that I feel like I have bonded with over the last few months and even more so the past few weeks because of our reception situation. She is great and so were the cakes. We put the deposit down on our cake and got to bond with Kayla and the baker Bertha. It was great. I even found out about the grooms cake I want to get for FI and got pricing on that. I will save 15% on his cake from this baker which is an added bonus. CHECK!

Then I get to top off my weekend by going to my very first Knottie GTG for my local baord. It was so fun! There were not too many people there but the 5 of us had fun. I loved hearing everyone's stories and learning more details about everyone's big day!

Thanks for reading this just glad to finally get some stuff done and meet some really great people!

Re: The End to a GREAT Weekend! Checks LONG

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    Congrats on the checks! You really had a GREAT weekend, did you get pics of the new venue?
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    Awesome checks!!! So glad that you got some things booked and that you got to go to a Knottie GTG!
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    Nope sorry at 8:30 my mind was really not running as smoothly as it usually should. I went back today and they were doing a venue tour with a bunch of event planners and I still didn't get any. Once they set up their facebook page I will direct everyone or steal some pictures from there.
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    Congrats on the checks! Happy that you had a great weekend and met new people in the process. Its always fun meeting new people.
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    Congrats on the checks!! So glad that the venue issue is resolved :)
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    Thanks ladies me too so glad to have that off my back I got two pimples and 6 gray hairs from this process. No to exfoliate my face and grab some hair dye lol!
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    YAYYYYY!!!!! Congrats on the venue and other checks! That is so wonderful!!!!! And yes... go take care of that skin and hair lol!

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    Congrats on your checks!!!
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    Sounds productive and FUN! Yay for you! :)
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    You had a very productive weekend - congrats, especially on the new venue...that was huge!!!
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