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Good price?? Reception Food

Hey ladies, I recently asked the venue for an estimate on what we might expect to spend to feed 200 guests for the cocktail hour and dinner.  Is this a fair price (breakdown below)? I'm thinking the cocktail hour doesn't need to be FULL of food so are 5 selections enough?    Thanks

For 200 guests including service charge:

Dinner buffet (Classic Lunch menu w/o dessert)

$24.95per person x 200 = Roughly 5K

Cocktail hour food (2-3 hot options plus the antipasto display and fresh fruit - I think this should be enough, correct?)

·        Antipasto is $7.50per person x 75 = 562.50
·        Fresh Fruit is $7per person x 75 = 490
·        The hot hor’ds are now done per piece so an estimated price is $3.00per piece and you will need about 100pieces total (assorted 3 types) = $300 total

Total Hor’d = $1350 --and--

The Service Charge is 18% only on Food (including Soda because it is non-alcoholic),
and of course no tax, so with your given charges


Approximate total from above numbers = $7500


If wanting 100 pieces each type Hor’d, add $600 to Hor’d total.  

The Service Charge would increase to $1950 with this change.    
NEW approximate total from above numbers = $8200

Examples of signature/specialty drinks your bartenders have made with pricing and service charge

Signature Drinks depending on what they are
$7.00/drink, or you can do gallons depending on the drink preference.
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Re: Good price?? Reception Food

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    ellone400ellone400 member
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    thats a good price mine is 96.00pp including full bar.but  we have to use their caterer.
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    happe2getherhappe2gether member
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    Same here. No outside caterers allowed.  But so far I've heard nothing but good things about the entire venue.   
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    omg i WISH....

    the prices in NJ are I.N.S.A.N.E. a "decent" package is like $95 and can go as high as $250 pp

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    Looks Great to me for 200 people!
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    Now L you know I'm gonna get you for stressing about the price of Shades of Green.  You know that's a great price.  She is leaving out that it is on Disney Property and it's the Military resort there.  You are not gonna find prices any lower without using an outside caterer,  for everything your getting that's a great price here in Orlando. 

    sn: thanks for the salon name in Jax my sister is going to check them out.
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