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Bridal Shower Recap Pro PIP

I know its late, but I was waiting on the pro pics.

The day started off with cleaning... that always fun! Afterwards, I had to pick up the food from the caterer, take my son to the barber, and get balloons blown up. By that time, my co workers started to show up. They helped me decorate and then I ran off to get dressed because it was already time for the event to start.

I rushed through my hair and makeup, because I didnt want my guests to wait forever for me. Well that was a BIG mistake because I HATE viturally all my pictures. I look like I was rushed and stressed.

I invited about 25 people... 10 showed up.... and none of my bridesmaids. NONE OF THEM CALLED OR SHOWED UP......  IDK.... IDK....

So overall the bridal shower was kind of a bust. My feelings were really hurt that they didnt show up or even call... but the  ones that did come made me feel special. So thats all that matters.

After the bridal shower, hubs and I took some pics for our table numbers... they came out really cute! Im excited about them. Here's the link to the pics

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Re: Bridal Shower Recap Pro PIP

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    You looked cute!!! You didn't looked rushed at all. I feel you on the bridal shower. Mine was kinda a bust too cause A LOT of folks didn't show up, got lost, etc. But those that were there really made it worthwhile & I ended up having fun. That's all that matters! But none of your BMs showing up & NOT calling?? Thats crazy!
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    I couldnt see the pictures, but OMG, IF ANY OF MY BMs dont show up to my bridal shower - - - holy cow, i dont even know how i would react!! ESPECIALLY if they had no reason and didnt call at all...WOW!

    I'm glad you made the best of it.
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    You looked nice and I loved the cupcakes. To the left with your BMs
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    I love the pics. The food looked And I love the table number pics too
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    WOW you guys looked so nice and your son is too cute. Hmmm your bridesmaids need a whoopin forreal!
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    You did not look rushed at all, very pretty!  Loved the cupcakes too!
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