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Crazy Wedding Dreams: Part 2

OK now just a couple of weeks ago I wrote in a thread Tamtam started, saying I haven't had any crazy wedding dreams and I hardly ever remember my dreams.  Well, now I had both happen last night!!  

I had such a stressful wedding dream.  I was getting married at 12pm on a Saturday in California and I was very late.  I forgot the bridesmaid's shoes at my house and someone had to go back and get them, I overslept and I forgot my shoes also.  My makeup had to be done over b/c my MUA put it on too heavy and I remember looking in the mirror and commenting on how "pancake" my face looked.  

In the dream, I remember looking at the clock and saying "It's 1:09pm - and I was supposed to be walking down the aisle an hour ago!!!".  I was stressed, upset and about to cry.  For some reason we just couldn't get it together and everyone still wasn't ready.  Then I woke up.  Ugh!!! I hope this doesn't continue throughout the entire 15 MONTHS I have left until our wedding day!  I can't take it!!!!!  

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Re: Crazy Wedding Dreams: Part 2

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    Awww...breathe! If anything can make you anxious enough to have nightmares, a wedding can so that part is normal. Just don't believe the hype. Your wedding will be well-planned and well-executed. It will be beautiful. Were you up late knotting or thinking/talking about the wedding last night?
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    desi2002desi2002 member
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    LOL at 15 months in bold! I think dreams are a expression of what we really fear, yours is being late. No  worries, its just a dream!
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    cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    @ Eagles: Thanks for your comment!  I wasn't really up that late, but I was talking to my FI right before I went to bed about our wedding web site and our photographer b/c we just gave her verbal confirmation yesterday that we are going with her.  Also, yesterday afternoon I talked to my mom and she said she had been crying hard earlier in the day b/c she was sad about not being here in Atlanta with me while I have been doing all of the wedding planning stuff (she lives in Nevada).  So maybe that got to me more than I realized, IDK...

    @ Desi: Girl, when I really thought about how many months I have until my wedding and I'm already getting the crazy dreams, I started freaking out!  (Hence the bold text)  LOL!
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    tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  That's all I have to say about that!  No, I'm just kidding.  That is so funny!  Yeah, well there are more to come, but don't worry about it.  It's normal and like Eagles said your wedding will be perfect.
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