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MIA for a few weeks but back with CHECKS (PIP)

Hey Brides!I have missed you ladies but I have been hella busy!
Invites are done and outta my house (YAY!!!!)


I am in love with my invites, and have gotten so many compliments about them. They were totally worth the tears and late nights! People didn't wanna open them talking about they were too fancy, lol! I have even gotten 2 RSVPs in already and YES the drama around it has started too, but I soooo don't care, LOL!

My FG basket which is one of the easiest projects I took on (except for burning my fingers with the hot glue gun 934753049 times trying to put the rhinestones on top of the handle!
I also have all the bouts for our guys except for FI and my sons because theirs will be made from the same flowers in my bouquet (pics to come), I have all the corsages for mothers, grandmothers and aunts (pics to come). We got our wedding bands (yay) I can't post a pic of mine because he has it under lock and key right now Yell.
All my girls have picked up their dresses and shoes. I got all the girls bags embroidered (pics to come). They came out wonderful and I got a great discount because I had 6 of them to get done. All the flowers for my bouquets were delivered but I still have to put them together. I made the bags for my FG and BR.I have almost all the candy for the buffet except for the chocolate stuff, I am going to wait for that, I also have all the apothecary jars and containers we are using. I finished the letters for the church doors. Sorry that I don't have pics of everything but I have been so busy getting things done that I forgot to take pics as I was going along. Whew, now I need a margarita!

Re: MIA for a few weeks but back with CHECKS (PIP)

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