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photo contracts?

What is the procedure for photo contracts? I have paid a deposit, but now my photo person is trying to nail me down in a contract; and I do not know what type of photos I want yet? She wants me to start paying for the photos now. HELP ME tell me what your photo person has asked you. I am tired so excuse the short hand....

Re: photo contracts?

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    the way i did it was i told her what i wanted, i customized a package to fit what i wanted then i signed the contract then i put the deposit. if you didnt sign a contract yet then you dont legally have to pay anything i think. the photographer took money w/o you signing a contract? sounds fishy...
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    I agree. You should have agreed to some kind of terms/conditions in a contract before paying down for a deposit. You need a contract to determine what kinds of pictures you will eventually want. Plus, it should state the exact due dates for payments.

    Yea, what your photographer is making you do sounds fishy to me too.
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    We decided what we wanted, then signed the contract and left a deposit. Our contract had more than just pics & albums on it. It had things like # 0f hours they will be there, # of photographers, e-pics, etc...

    So even if you don't know exactly how many enlargements you'll want or what type of album you'll want you should still sign a contract saying that they will be your photographer for you wedding. Because until you sign that they are free to book somebody else for your day.

    You can always add on things after the fact too, so keep that in mind. (we did this. We added a photostation a couple of months after we initially signed the contract and it wasn't a problem) Just nail down things like date, time, # of hours now to make sure you have that photographer reserved.
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    Thanks for the advice. This photographer is on the up and up, but I was just not sure about using her for sure. I decided to not go with her b/c I did not like the way the AA wedding pics turned out on her website. The skin looked kind of gray. Also I did not see any pics that just jumped out at me. If you are going to pay a lot of money for pics they need to be FIRE!!! I made a rush decision. I have not signed a contract. She has also not cashed my check so I put a stop payment on it. I am still looking for a photo person...and I think I found someone but I will still explore my options.
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