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WR: My God is An AWESOME GOD!!!

Ladies, for the past few weeks, things have been really crazy wedding wise. My mom was paying for the catering for our wedding, but she recently took a 5% paycut. That really hit her hard, so she called and said she didnt think she would be able to afford our catering bill, she had already put a deposit down. So as we near close our 2 month mark, but fi and I have been stressed, both praying that everything worked out for the best. I told my mom not to worry(she felt really bad). I had just gotten a promotion and raise but to add another 6k on to all that we already had on a plate, would be a burden to say the least. So me and fi sat down and cut our guest list from 125 to 85 people including us. This was so hard to do, I couldnt sleep, all fi kept telling me was bae people will understand, but I couldnt see it like that. So after I had come to grips last night that I would be mailing a fraction of the invites tomorrow, I slept a lot better, knowing that my wedding would be possible.
So a little while ago, fi calls me at work, and he is like bae, I have been calling all your phones for like 45 minutes, I was in meetings, he was like its important, I said whats wrong, he was like I need the balance on the catering bill so I can get the cashier's check, I said WHAT, what did you do, what did sell, are you for real. He wanted the balance if we had 120 people(WHOA), so I told him, but told him to send half, until RSVP deadline.
His boss, gifted us our catering bill.
My God is an AWESOME God!!!!!! Please believe me

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