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Heyyyy, remember me? :)

So DH and I just got back from our honeymoon this past Friday but then had to clean up our house from the guests we had  before, during and after the wedding while we were gone...that's another story.

Anyway, I know I am a little late, but as promised I am back with pics and a recap :)

Sorry in advance for it being so lengthy!

Thursday night was the rehersal and there were last minute things to be done, so while I am doing those things during the day, DH decides he is going to take his family, who is visiting from Belize, to go see Venice Beach. They did so much running around that he ended up being over an hour late for our rehersal. Not cool. But we managed to get through it. I had cooked earlier that day for the rehersal dinner, so as I am on my way home with all the BMs following me, I call home and ask his aunt to put the food in the oven. DH and all the GMs follow each other to get their tux. Me and the BMs all get there and are waiting around until finally we just decide to eat without the guys. The guys took so long that by the time they got to my house, some of them decided not to come and eat and went straight home and some of the BMs had already left.

Friday was DH's bachelor party, so we switched cars and I did more errands to stay out the house so we wouldn't cross paths. Let me just say if I didn't do so already, this day made me hate LA traffic. I had to go pick up my dress from the seamstress, and what would normally take me 30-45 minutes, took me almost 2 hours each way. One of my MOH had scheduled us appts to get massages at 5:00 but due to traffic, I had her push it back to the last appt available at 7:00. I finally make it back to LA but don't have time to drop my dress off at the hotel before we go so here I am at the massage spot with a big wedding gown in the back of DH's truck. That massage was definitely needed. Afterwards we check into my hotel and drop my dress off then head across the street to Red Lobster. By the time we finish, it's around 10:00 and I still need to go back to my house to pack up everything that I will need at my hotel and pick up one of my BMs that was going to stay the night with me. Needless to say I did not get back to my hotel until around 12:30. But then I was wide awake. We all just stayed up talking until I forced myself to sleep around 3:30.

Saturday, despite me going to bed at 3:30, I was once again wide awake at 6:45 even though my alarm was not supposed to go off until 9:00. I waited a while then finally got up and dropped my god-daughter's dress off at their hotel nearby since it was too late the night before. I came back to my hotel around 11:00. DH's sister was SUPPOSED to start my hair by 11:30 at the latest so that my MUA would start my make-up around 1:30. BUT, she didn't get there until 12:30. I was HOT but tried to remain calm.This through everything off. My photographer arrived at 1:15 and said don't worry about anything. He will work around things. I didn't get to take pictures in the garden area at the hotel as planned; I was supposed to meet at my venue at 4:00 but didn't end up leaving my hotel until 4:00. I told my photographer that I wasn't getting dressed and to just leave me and go to DH at the venue so that he could get before shots of him. We're on our way to the venue and my MUA, who is also my niece, is following my limo. She calls and says she forgot her dress in the room. We make some calls and get her back into my room to get her dress. So I finally reach the venue and start getting dressed AND realize I don't have my veil. Now I am in panic mode and I just think about everything that has been going wrong and I start crying. My cousin comes to the rescue and tells me go do my first look, she will leave and will be back in time with my veil before the ceremony begins.

My first look was just wonderful. DH was so shocked. He was actually speechless and that NEVER happens. We finish those shots and then start to take some bridal party shots. Then I head back to my bridal suite and wait for the ceremony to begin. I get ready to walk down the aisle with my dad and step-dad and my coordinator's asst didn't know where my coordinator placed my boquet after my first look pics. I become upset again and now am in whatever mode. When I reach the bottom of the hill on my way to DH, my coordinator realizes I don't have my boquet and she retrieves it and hands it to my MOH. Everyone thought I purposely walked without it since I was walking with both dads :) Once I saw DH, nothing mattered. I was on cloud nine and I couldn't stop smiling. The reception was great. The only hiccup that happened was I forgot to bring my table numbers, which were actually movie titles that I had made that looked like the movie clapboards to go with my theme. No one else noticed except my MOH, not even DH noticed until I told him. Everyone enjoyed themselves and said it was the best wedding they had been to. The photobooth and candy buffet were a HUGE hit. And I am still getting compliments on my dress.

The day after the wedding my SIL sent us on a mini-honeymoon to Las Vegas. She paid for both of our airfare and a suite at the Cosmopolitan that overlooked the water show at the Bellagio.

My photographer sent me a link to some of the pics he has edited already and posted on his Facebook page. I believe its setup that you can view them even if you don't have Facebook.

We spent our actual honeymoon at Sirena del Mar in Cabo San Lucas and it rained half the time we were there. The locals said it hasn't rained there in 4 years. Just our luck, right!?! Here are some pics from the honeymoon.

Here are some pictures from Cabo.

Us on a Sunset Cruise

The view from our room


Re: Heyyyy, remember me? :)

  • Thanks for the recap...
    I probably wouldve started crying too after so much had happened...

    I am glad that everything turned out nice though...wish I couldve been there to witness everything...

    I got to see your pics on FB as your photog was putting them up and yes girl, your dress was GORGEOUS!!! I wanted to text you and tell you how beautiful of a bride you were but knew you were on your honeymoon and didnt wanna bother...   :-)

    Congrats on moving to "the other side!"

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  • SIMPLY GORGEOUS!  Everything is so pretty and you all are a beautiful MARRIED couple!  Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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  • Congrats!! I love all of your pictures! Your BM dresses were toooo fly!! You were absolutely beautiful!! I am glad that all worked out on your day perfectly!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  • i love this picture!!!!!!!
  • Everything looked lovely! Congrats on becoming a MRS!
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  • Congrats! Your pics were breath taking! Beautiful wedding :)
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  • monet7383monet7383 member
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    Ty...I wish you could've came. I had people calling me the morning of saying they weren't going to make it. Smh.

    Pearls, TL25 & Ladycane......thank you 

    Casey....That is one of my favs also! When he went down on his knee, I was like wth is doing. lol. As he said his vows, he said he is finishing what he started. :)
  • You had a lovely, lovely wedding!!  Everything was beautiful.  Congrats!!  My fave pic is the one of your DH kissing your shoulder.  That's precious. 

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  • Congrats!! So beautiful!!
  • @Monet that was super sweet! You all are a beautiful couple!
  • CONGRATS !!!!

    how did the music go?  was "Palance" a hit? 

    Girl you just look stunning...  A simply beautiful bride.  no wonder that man was speechless.  Your girls looked great to.  I LOVED their dresses in that purple color.  FAB!!!
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  • you look great and everything looked wonderful. Even though there were hiccups the smile in those pictures look like it was a perfect day
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  • These are so beautiful.   Simply stunning!!!

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  • What a great recap!  I feel like I was athe wedding!  The little things happen but as long as you had a great day it doesn't matter!  Congratulations!
    Until the first full year of being one! Anniversary
  • Congrats on being a MRS....everything look so beautiful !!
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  • Well, hello there Mrs! Nicole...when I say your wedding was absolutely gorgeous, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You looked absolutely amazing!!! Awwww! Nicole...I am speechless. Everything...just beautiful. I am so happy for you! Girl, as happy as you were in those pics, I can't even tell you had a crying moment! just WOW! Everything looked so perfect! You and hubby are an adorable couple! Congrats friend! Please keep in touch.

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  • What a beautiful wedding ! You both look so truly happy and in love. This gave me goosebumps :)

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  • You looked beautiful! I loved looking at your pictures! Everyone looked so haapy. Your photographer did a fabulous job!
    **I am getting married to Mr. Wonderful on 11/3/2012**
  • Nicole!!!!
    It looks like everything was BEAUTIFUL!!! and I mean EVERYTHING! Where did you have your wedding? That venue looks amazing!

    Oh so sorry about the traffic. It's NO joke... right? 
  • Thank You everyone.

    Michelle, the venue was Los Verdes Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes. Girl, yes that traffic is something else. To give you an idea, my dress was in Woodland Hills and my hotel was in Torrance and massage in Lomita. 
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