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Recap and pics

OMG I cant believe its over! I’m already having withdrawals 


Well let’s start from wednesday. My then FI dropped me off at the hotel and some of my BM’s were there to meet me with carts to carry supplies to the room. I then found my mom and we all went to happy hour in the lobby. My girls and I went to the nail salon and mall. One of my hostesses is in nursing school and had some surprise test  and couldn’t come so another of my friends step in for her. After getting back, my friends disappeared and I was a little bummed and ended hanging with my MUA/friend all night. As the night progressed, a couple more bm’s and my dad and sis got in town and they hung out with me at the pool (the hotel shut it down for us). I brought wine from home so we popped that open. Once the other girls heard we were having fun they came down. WHACK!



Our rehearsal was at 10am because there was an event at our venue that day. Honey came and picked me up at the hotel and we headed over for a 9:30 meeting we had. Our venue was 30 min from the hotel so I told everyone in my fam to leave no later than 9:15 to be there on time since we had a time constraint. They didn’t START trickling in til 10:20am. I was HOTTT! I had started without I had 1 bm when we started. The worst part is Im in an interracial relationship with a white guy. They are ALWAYS on time or early. I was so embarrassed about how my friends and fam were reppin’. Just typical.ugh! I got over it. Everything went very well once everyone arrived. After rehearsal was the rehearsal brunch. While everyone headed there, my mom and I had to take care of some money biz. I was so fed up with how our venue as handling finances. We had been trying to pay them for a week n a half and they were dragging their feet. WTF! Our coordinator couldn't find proof of our initial deposit 2 days before our wedding. It took everything in me to not cuss her ALL the way out. Then on thursday I ended up being an hr late to the brunch because they waited til thursday to take care of the final payment. AHHHH!!! anyway, it got taken care of and we went to brunch. After brunch We went back to the hotel and hung out until the family and friends meet and greet. Worked on programs (which had more mistakes) and other wedding day stuff. My fam had also arrived via charter bus from LA so we were running that hotel. lol By the end of the night a couple of BM’s and hostesses had disappeared, so the other BM’s and some fam filled in. My MUA was there also making sure my face was beat and I had a glass of wine. lol. We got everything done and went to sleep. Come to find out one of my bm went to the club with some friends. SMDH!



Everything started out great. I got up about 7am feeling like a little kid on christmas. My mom and cousin and MUA (we all had a slumber party in my mom’s room) went down to breakfast and I was so excited to see that all my fam and friends were down there. It was awesome! My parents are divorced and even they were having a good time having breakfast together. After that the BM’s started hair and makeup. I told my lady in waiting (liw)to call my mom about having our fam friend come to pick us up at 12 to get to the venue on time.She says she did and that we should be ready to load the van at 11:45. So we were trucking along and the videographer had come to start shooting. At 11:50, I hadn't heard anything about transportation so I asked her and she said she took care of it. Well she hadn't because the friend was at the venue 30min away with my mom and had no idea what she was talking about. I was pissed but tried to let it go. Everything went downhill from there. Long story short , because of that, we lost an hr for hair and makeup and everything was running behind when we got to the venue. Because of that, I didn't get pics with my BM’s because they weren't ready til it was time to walk down the aisle. I was so sad, but what can you do. The wedding was PERFECT!!!!! My husband looked great and it was just beautiful. I was so happy with how it turned out. After the wedding, we had a few min to get a couple shots with the girls so I felt a little better, not much. lol By then I didn't care about anything or anybody. I was soo happy. Everything else was as perfect as it could be. Many things weren’t the way we wanted but it was all good. After the reception, hubs and I went back to the hotel and the wait was over!! Thank the Lord!! ok TMI.


Despite the drama and issues, it was still the most beautiful experience ever! There was so much love. I can go on and on about what was wrong but it doesn't even matter. I married my best friend and that is all I needed. 

More pics to come. Enjoy!!!
me n mom tryin on my dress thurs

rehearsal at venue

fg and rb
me and the girls
workin it out on the dance floor. Me with french fries. We had a late night french fry bar
the cake
me and hubs

before they dropped it like it was hott with him. I surprise dance

our first married moment. so typical

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