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Seating arrangements

After a lot of consideration I have decided to go ahead and make a seating chart. If anyone shows up uninvited than they will have to stand.

What was your thought process when making the seating chart? I know I'll have the immediate family sitting near the WP but other than that, I don't know how to arrange everyone else.

We are having two buffets. One American cuisine and another African cuisine. When people RSVP they also choose which cuisine they want. I was going to sit people close to the buffet of their choice. Does this sound like a good idea? Any thoughts? I'm afraid if I do this I might have the room divided by nationalities and I don't want that?

Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: Seating arrangements

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    I would mix it up - b/c you're right, if seating them nearer to the cuisine they requested would make it segregated in terms of nationality, then I wouldn't do it that way.  Maybe every other table could be different nationalities so it would be very diverse? 

    I would however try to sit older people closer to the buffet so it's easier for them to get back to their seats with the food.  And if you're having kids, sit them farther away from the older folks b/c all the background noise may make it hard for elders to have conversations at their table...
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    I'm having a seating chart Carla! it's to keep track of those that Rsvp'd and who didn't! plus i think it would be cute. I would mix your guest up so no one will get the wrong impression.
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