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Hey Lady,

Thanks for offering to help me. I think I'm good with the exception of a few minor last minute things. Are you getting anxious??

I'm getting really anxious especially since my shower is this Saturday and I'm nervour because there was some BM drama but it's all working out now.

Just curious though who's making your isle runner? I tried to paint my own that I posted and for some reason I just don't think it's good enough since I messed up a little lol I'm so hard on myself but I think I'm going to use it anyay and let well enough alone.
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Re: SheShe!!!

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    Oh no problem lady happy to help especially since my brain is fried on my own stuff. I am getting really anxious the DOC is emailing me about timelines and visions and I am like huh? i have these things in my head I just have to work on verbalizing them to someone else especially if they are going to be accountable for getting this vision to pass.

    Awww your shower is Saturday that should be fun don't let the BM drama interfere with your day this is your time to shine and enjoy and they betta get it together forreal.

    MMRoberts11 is going to do the runner for me. I bought all the stuff and I am dropping it off to her on Friday to get it done whenever she has the time. I can barely color inside the lines on paper with a crayon so I knew that this project was beyond my means. I hope she does a good job since she said she does similar stuff all the time for her sorority. Whatever she does I am sure will be better than mine so I am cool with it.

    I am sure yours is fine like someone else on the board mentioned to me you are your own worse critic.

    My offer still stands so if you change your mind just let me know!
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    ok thanks I'll keep you posted and good luck with all your last minute things
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