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Something old, new, borrowed, and blue

I admit that I stole this topic from my local board, but I'm not that active on there.  I thought I'd bring it over here to the best board ever.  Hopefully this stirs up some ideas for people (including myself) who still isn't completely sure as to what they want to do.  Here's mine:

Old - my grandmother passed away this past June and I have her wedding ring.  I think I might attach it to my bouquet, but not sure yet, but I do know that I want to carry it somehow.

New - Dress, shoes, and jewelry.

Borrowed - Still not sure on this.  I'd like to borrow something of my mom's but I have no idea what.  I can't wear anything from her wedding because my parents got married in the 70s and they wanted to get in touch with their African roots and wore long dashikis!  So needless to say there aren't any "classic" elements from their wedding that I could borrow.

Blue - Maybe my shoes will be blue, but I haven't decided for sure if I want to wear blue or pink.  If not the shoes then my undies will have blue in them and maybe a blue garter.  I know for sure that I want our names and date sewn inside the dress in blue stitching.

What are you girls doing?

Re: Something old, new, borrowed, and blue

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    OLD - fabric from my mothers wedding dress will be wrapped around my boquet

    NEW - my wedding gown

    BORROWED - not sure yet

    BLUE - probably my shoes

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  • TNMurrayTNMurray member
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    Old/borrowed - My granfather passed and wore a neclase everyday so I am going to have the charm from the necklace on my bouquet.

    New - everything (dress, shoes, undies)

    Blue - I will have an Colts garter
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    Something Old - The tiara I wore at my 18th birthday/purity ceremony. It was a gift from a friend to use for that party and I kept it.

    Something New -Dress/shoes/etc

    Something Borrowed - I think I will raid my grandma's jewlrey box for a small borach or something.

    Something Blue - My garter is blue and white.
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  • hotrocker2011hotrocker2011 member
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    Old-Not sure maybe something of one of my grandparents

    New- Dress and garter ect

    Borrowed-Have no clue Frown

    Blue: Im gona add blue rhinestones to my shoes...I had to steal that idea from a previous post... 
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    Old- Something from my mom
    New- Dress, Shoes, Undies
    Borrowed- I'm not sure
    Blue- I'm wearing a Cubs garter (It's blue, white and red).
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    Old/borrowed - I want to borrow some of my mom's jewelry, but I'm not sure yet.  She has some pearls that I like, but they have gold accents and I usually wear silver...

    New - dress, shoes, etc

    Blue - I have no clue...maybe I'll wear some blue undies lol, or a blue garter, but I think I want a GA bulldogs one for FI, so idk
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  • M1ssJM1ssJ member
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    Old - My grandmother's pearls

    New- diamond studs

    Borrowed- Who knows (it might be my dress)

    Blue- Orange and Blue Gator garter and Blue "i DO " on the bottom of my shoes
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    Old- My grandmother's cameo ring attached to my bouquet
    New - I was told that this was supposed to be something other than the dress, so I'll say undies or shoes
    Borrowed - I have not a clue
    Blue - I inherited all of my mother's jewelry so I think I may wear one of her saphire  pieces.
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    Old: My mother's veil
    New: Shoes, Jewelry, etc.
    Borrowed: IDK yet...
    Blue: Probably my undies or something stitched in the lining of my dress or something... idk

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    Old- Not sure yet. Gotta find something.

    New- Wedding dress

    Borrowed- My mom's pearls

    Blue- My shoes!
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  • wallacjewallacje member
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    Old- probably something from my mom

    New- Wedding dress, shoes, jewelry 

    Borrowed- No idea here either

    Blue- FI is a Dallas Cowboys fan, so I have a Cowboys garter (blue and silver)
  • msapril0730msapril0730 member
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    Old: Idk yet

    New: Undies, shoes, accessories

    Borrowed: Idk yet

    Blue: Dallas garter! I'm actually a cowboys fan and it was purchased as a joke because my FI make a comment even before we were engaged about me wearing a cowboys garter if they make them.
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    old: I don't know yet

    borrowed: fiances grandmothers jewlery

    blue: shoes and garter

    New: dress,
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