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Hey lady happy new year! Just wondering have they got back to you about the job yet? It has been forever. Fingers crossed that you got it!

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    tyboydtyboyd member
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    Thanks and happy new year to you as well!!! I did NOT get the job... it's a long story that I really don't care to share because I'm still pissed at my company about it. Let's just say I'm guessing that the job I'm on now is an assignment from God. And he has me on it to learn a lesson. I clearly haven't learned it yet and until then, I'll be there PT.FrownCry
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    sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    Awwww that sucks their loss. Like you attitude about it even though you are still mad. Everything does happen for a reason so I wont be mad either. Here is to much better for you lady because you deserve it!
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