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Recap (PIP)

 Hey Ladies.

I got married on 12.2.12 and everything went great. I really enjoyed myself the entire weekend.


We did alll of the running around/pickups and drop offs so that Saturday would not be crazy. This turned out to be the best decision ever.


We had 3 events: welcome picnic/rehearsal/ rehearsal dinner

Welcome picnic started at 12:30 , at 12:50 FI decides to have a meltdown. He laid down. Didnt want to get ready, tired of people, etc. I said hell no! You cannot be doing this now while we have 70 something ppl waiting on us to eat. I cussed him out and got in the car to leave. On the way to find parking I see him walking down the street. We made up and walked into the picnic super late. But so many people were there! It was great to see my knotties MrsB, Essie, and ladycane. I loved seeing everyone together and having a good time just eating and hanging out. I would really reccomend this for any wedding becuase ppl really appreciated seeing us beforehand.

Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner went off without a hitch. I kicked my little brother out of the rehearsal because he came in jeans sagging off of his bum and was planing on wearing that to the rehearsal dinner. After that we rollled along.

I was in bed by 10:30. My MOH literally locked me in the room.


We were up at 5. Hair and makeup went like clockwork. At around 8 FI came to give me my day of gift (WITHOUT LOOKING AT ME) He got me a pair of Loubitons! I balled like a baby and so did my MOH, BM, and DH. I'm not shallow but he's wanted to get me a pair for years and I knew how hard he worked to get them for me.

After that we were all dressed and ready by 8:45. Mom and aunts came to take getting ready pics. and at 9:15 DH came to take our pre prayer picture. We finished that.He left. at 9:30 when my mom and I finish our talk and prayer someone tells me the trolley still hasnt taken dh and the grooomsmen to the venue. I made everyone get on the trolley except for me .mom., and moh and we just drove over.

Ceremony started 15 minutes late(Invite said 9:30, I was pushing for 9:45)  but everyone was there. It was perfect. I loved every second.

The reception was great. there wasn't a ton of dancing but I expected that because of the time of day. FI and I were able to say hi to everyone and ppl kept telling me how much they enjoyed the little details. I loved everything! The centerpieces, etc.

The best part was our helicopter exit!!! It almost didnt happen and was so hard to keep a secret but it 100% was worth it. Such a great way to have a moment alone with hubby.

I was pissed because our cake looked horrendus. Nothing like what I painstakingly described. I was also annoyed with our coordinator because little things were missiing. Like the thank you cards I wrote to each guest didnt all get given out. There was no one directing our guests to our grand exit, etc.

but I had a blast and I cant thank Essinikay and MrsB enough for coming. It really meant the world to know that they were there.

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Re: Recap (PIP)

  • Congrats Mrs J! The pics are awesome you look beautiful!
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  • J- You had a 5 star wedding and not just because of the decor, attire, or helicopter! But because you and Devin are a wonderful and grounded couple surrounded by such great family and friends. We were so honored to be in the presence of such an occasion. I wish you all the best sissie!!
  • Hey Mrs !! Love the recap. You looked beautiful ! Congrats again !  Sorry your coordinator was not on her p's and q's...that sucked. Glad your day turned out the way you envisioned it !
  • Mrs. J... your pictures were amazing and I loved them... YOU WERE GORGEOUS!!!

    Loved the recap and the exit..... go ahead MRS!!!
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  • In awe from the pictures and I haven't even read the recap yet...
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  • Congrats. I'm glad you enjoyed your day even with the wrong things you noticed. The helicopter ride sounds awesome.
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    Hey MrsJ... Congrats on again on becoming a MRS.. you looked amazing and sooo happy.. Loved your recap.. that was so sweet of your Husband to present that to you.. I am in desperate need of a pair. LOL... Did ya'll see each other for the prayer? that's cute.. can't wait to see your professionals.. i'm so glad that your day went well.. Blessings to you and your husband.. :-)
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  • Congrats hon. Everything looked amazing.
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  • Hey J! Your wedding honey was the BEST! Everything looked so lovely and you my dear were just as beautiful! Congratulations on your nuptuials! Happy for you!!!

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  • Congratulations on being a new Mrs. Your recap put a lump in my throat. You along with everything else look beautiful.
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  • Loved the recap and the pics! You were a beautiful bride!
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  • Yay!!!! So happy for you J! I will always remember your anni bc its my son's birthday too! Everything looked gorgeous and so glad that it all worked out. All those months and weeks of slavin and nervousness......well I'd do it again :)

    Love you Sis!
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  • MissusD1116MissusD1116 member
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    Hey cutie! So glad your day went well and you only had minor hiccups...the best part of all is that you married your LOVE!
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  • Hey missy!! I love your pics! You looked amazing!! Your day sounded as if it went great minus the hiccups! I am sorry that your cake didn't come out the way you saw it in the picture. I see where they tried to make the design...but did they use rolled fondant instead of edible silver balls? That was my fear with that cake so I just decided to go with something totally different and rather plain. But none the less I must say your GRAND exit sounded great! Congrats again love!
  • AWWWWEEE!!! Everything was beautiful!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
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  • pearls687pearls687 member
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    Congrats and thanks for the wonderful recap!  So glad everything went well!  You looked beautiful and all the attention to detail really paid off because the details were lovely!!!  W.O.W. on the helicopter exit!  Smile

    Happy you're back and hope you'll stick around!
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  • Funny I actually read your recap last night but didn't get a chance to comment. I was looking at something else on my phone and just happened to log onto the knot on the drive home last night...hubby was driving. We were entering our subdivision when I started to read and I guess hubby noticed how focused I was. This dude decided to circle the block THREE times to see if I would even notice..needless to say I didn't. I didn't realize ANYTHING until we were backing into the driveway. He was like, you know what just happened? I was like what? And he proceeded to tell me. I was like, dude, my homegirl got married, I was reading her recap. I had to concentrate on what she was saying.  He was like what homegirl? I didn't know any of your friends were getting married. I was like MissJ...he was like who? Never mind you dude! LOL...but I did mention you had a helicopter exit and he was like WHAT! Why didn't we think of that? LOL...

    Congrats love! Everything was breathtaking! I hope I visit Florida soon cause I know no one has plans on coming to STL..LOL, so we could do brunch and I get to hear you talk about in person. You are a MRS! (HUGS)
  • @ro haha I know ho you feel!!! I told hubby I gotta tell my girls how it went. I must. He just shook his head at me. He finally understood when I was excited about MrsB and Essie and Ladycane coming that it's oh so real for us. Love ya girl! Yeah.... come to FL or meet in the middle lol

    @Casey- its edible fondant. the balls were too hard to chew. I was extrememly mad because I sat in his shop and made him roll practice ball sizes until he got the size correct and I paid an extra fee to have them rolled tiny. I think he ran out of time.

    @Mrssmith I'd do it all again in a heartbeat

    Thank you all for your kind words. The hiccups were really minor from my end. I'm waiting on my friends to start telling me stories about what happened when I wasnt looking
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  • Congrats!!!! Welcome to the Mrs. side. I am glad everything went well. The pics were wonderful. 
  • AWWWWW!!! Congrats MRS!!! You are amazingly beautiful! and i am completely drooling over the helicoptor exit!!! where'd ya'll go in it? Was it kept a secret from hubby?

    btw- cake looks fine!
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  • football we could only afford to fly in a small loop lol. We took a 20 minute ride around the Tampa Bay area. It was perfect.

    Hubby knew but no one else did! Thats the one thing he was looking forward to
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  • So so so beautiful J!!! I am so happy that you were able to enjoy your day and that it all turned out wonderful. You and hubby look like yall had a great time!
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