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I am creating a list of must have shots outside of the norm for my photographer. I have this one shot that I want to do with all my bridesmaids. If you know what the pussycat dolls first album cover looks like. It's that very shot. All the girls are posing in different directions but standing very close together.

Then I have another must have shot with me and my daughters. I will be looking straight into a mirror with my bride shirt on and my twins will have on their jr.bride t-shirts looking straight into the camera. This is going to be a shot before we get dressed for the wedding. I will have rollers in my hair and all but have my makeup done to create the illusion.

Lastly I want the black and white picture but i want my "something blue shoes" to be in color.

I also want a shot of my groom standing with his back to the dressing room door as if to peak in to see me.

What's your must haves outside of the norm?
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