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Bridal Shower Recap

Hi Ladies

I wanted to post this sooner but i've been pretty drained over the past 2 days and i am just now returning back to work.

Saturday was my bridal shower. I can't even say in so many words how amazing and thoughtful it was. My mom and sister did such an outstanding job. It truly was the talk of the town and everyone was floored. If you're friends with me on fb there are a ton of pictures that people have uploaded and tagged me on.

But if you're not friends w/ me on fb here are the juicy details

- it was a welcome to hollywood red carpet theme
- they rolled a red carpet out for me upon my arrival
- my cake was 3 tiers, white fondant, with all types of goodies on it with a blinged out A cake topper
- appetizers were served along with dinner and white and red sangria and a dessert bar + the red velvet cake
- each table had a gorgeous crystal centerpiece on it
- each table had a pic of me and the actual people at that table
- i cried like a baby once i got inside and was able to take it all in
- i got my jimmy choo wedding perfume =)
- my mom surprised me with my something old which is material from her wedding dress to wrap my bouquet in {cried like a baby}
- people were so generous to me. my entired kitchen aid product line was purchased =)

Now all we need to do is find an apartment lol

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