African American Weddings

Tell em Tuesday

Dear Etsy,

We are breaking up.


Dear Mom,

Yes you picked a bold dress. Yes it's too late to change it. No bowls of rice are not offset with salad and no workouts. No my stomach is still not flat. Let that dream die.


Re: Tell em Tuesday

  • Dear Basketball director,

    I caught a quick case of angry black woman syndrome and you only seen the 1st stage of it, Talk to me sideways again and you'll get to see the 2nd and 3rd stage. BYTCH.

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  • Dear Photographer,

    You are really getting on my Da*& nerves.. I am getting ready to switch on that A$$.. Please cooperate with me before i cop dueces..


    Very annoyed..

    Dear Nosey little co worker,

    Please keep your eyes on your own desktop and stop asking me questions about my wedding. Even though you show me others, or give me your personal input, i did not ask you, and this will not get you an invite. You aren't invited, please do not keep asking.


    Leave me alone

    Dear FI,

    I love you and I love everything about you... Thank you for making/ keeping me happy!!


    Your  wife to be..

    Dear God,

    I just want to thank you  for everything you have done for me and everything that you have showed me. I know that you have a plan and i'm going to sit back and let you do your thing..


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  • Dear Husband,

    Play time is over, the game is done and we lost! Get your a** back to Philly like yesterday.



    P.S Please bring me back some of that liquid cajun stuff so I can inject the turkey again this year. Thanks!!!
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