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Wednesday Wedding??

3 generations of my family got married on April 25th. I am very traditional and I really want to continue this "tradition." However, in 2012, April 25th falls on a Wednesday. I know that it is not the most practical day to wed, but I know in my heart that if I choose a different day, I will regret not going with my heart. Is it acceptable to get married on a Wednesday???

Re: Wednesday Wedding??

  • I think that its YOUR wedding and that you should have it on whatever day you and your fiance think is right. No one other than you can tell you what is right or wrong for a wedding date. Wednesday is not generally a wedding date but if you know you will regret it than I feel you should pick that date. I also think that with it being on a non typical wedding day that you should be able to get some really good prices on vendors and venues with it no being on a Saturday or Sunday. So pick the Wed date and have fun planning. Good luck
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