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Hump Day Letter Confessions

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for watching over my family and I. Thank you for always providing a home, food and transportation for us.  
Dear Hubby,
Congrats on the job, I knew you would get one.

Dear Self,
Good job on starting wedding stuff early. Almost everything is paid for and planned out. 
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Re: Hump Day Letter Confessions

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    Dear Ankle,

    Dear FI,
    Please work on your bedside manner.  

    Dear my little Angel Fluff Matilda,
    Thanks for being a great little nurse.  You're the best kitten ever!
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    Dear God
    Please help me find the right venue for my wedding. And thank you for putting it in my mind to start looking early.

    Dear Mama,
    Please realize that this is my wedding and not yours and I will have it where I want. Thanks for your support though.

    Dear FI,
    Thank you for being the best FI in the world and putting up with all my wedding planning talk and actually voicing your opinion sometimes. I appreciate that.
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    Dear God,
    As always I want to thank you for your many blessings. Thank you for continuing to keep me sane through this journey to the altar. Lord grant me the patience to accept things that I cannot change and the carefree attitude to say kick rocks to the rest of it.

    Dear Family,
    Y'all making me sick with me having to call y'all to return your RSVP. Keep playing you gonna get to the wedding and you won't have a damn plate!
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    Oh and Dear FI,

    You are awesome! Thank you for all that you do for me big and small. I love you.
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    @OFF, you are too funny!  I'm mad FI needs to work on his bedside manner.  Hillarious!

    Dear Dumb Azz Co-Worker,
    The word "speak" is spelled s-p-e-a-k, not s-p-e-c-k.  Also the first letter of a word at the beginning of a sentence should be capitalized.

    Dear Self,
    Don't start freaking out.  Everything is fine.  You're fine, everything will be fine.

    Dear Grandma,
    I love you, and I know that since you never got married, you have issues about marriage, but please try to be happy for me and do not down play my special day. 
    Dear FI,
    My azz looks better than Erykah Badu's.  Yell
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    Dear inlaws, do u seriously not have plane tickets YET? Its 11 days until the freaking wedding and no you can not stay at our house!

    Dear MOH(cousin), Thank you for flying in 2 weeks early forn LA to help with the last minute things you are so awesome and I love you!

    Dear kids, Please stop lossing your minds this week for spring break!

    Dear DH, I know you didnt want to help with the planning but can you please finish the dj playlist.

    Dear Mommie, THank you for asking me if I need anything I know you are all the way in Philly and I appreciate you asking, you are the greatest mom, and thank you for paying for my MOH plane ticket here. Love u to pieces!

    Dear vow renewal, Thnak you for giving me what I asked for but you did not have to make it this hard!
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