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Grooms Cake Idea

So I want to blow my FI out of the way with a super cool grooms cake. I can't afford what I REALLLY want  him to have. My FI is an over the top Trekkie (Star Trek fan). He has EVERYYY single episode and all the movies on DVD. I wanted to get a cake made shaped like the Starship Enterprise, but I know that will cost me a pretty penny...that I don't have.

One of the local grocery stores does cakes where you give them a picture and they print it on edible paper and put it on the cake. My mom did it when I graduated from High School and it came out really nice. I was thinking of getting a cool star trek picture and put it on the cake.
My other idea was to see if the ice cream parlor that does some theme cakes has a Star Trek cake. For my sweet 16 my mom got me a Harry Potter cake from there and it was great. The only thing with this cake is we will have to see if the resturant we are having the rehersal dinner at will let us store the cake in the freezer because w are going to serve the cake after dinner. My FI will have no idea and I want it to be really great.
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Re: Grooms Cake Idea

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    that sounds like a cool idea.  he would love it. 
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    ufsweetiebearufsweetiebear member
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    Sounds like a great idea!
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    I agree...he'd love it and it would make him feel so special. Guys like surprises that let them know we were thinking of them. :)
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    That sounds great - I just decided recently to do a groom's cake as a surprise for my FI.  We agreed before to not do a groom's cake and so he will not expect it at all.  Also, he loved the carrot cake at our bakery,  but we didn't get it b/c we had to go with three other flavors we loved, and we decided carrot cake is served everywhere so we wanted different types of flavors.  So his cake will be carrot cake and it will look like this (Detroit Tigers logo). 

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