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Few Pics from my bridal shower on Saturday (long)...PIP

Hello Ladies,
Haven't really posted in a while. Been wicked busy with wedding planning.

FI and I went to MA on Friday to get a few things done. We applied for our marriage license on Friday. Then finalized our tasting, linens and other things. I am SOOOO thankful the tasting this time went well because I almost left crying after the first tasting.
The reception venue is also going through a complete make-over. So we'll be like the 4th couple to get married at their "new" site. It was fabulous before and I am sure it'll look even better for the wedding.

On Saturday, I had brunch with my sisters. Its the first time we've all been together in 2-years. My sister flew in from Amsterdam for my shower and the other flew in from GA. I felt so loved just to see them cause I know tickets are not cheap.
Had my makeup trial (pics below). I liked working with the makeup artist. She made me so comfortable. I am paying for my bridal party's makeup on the day of. They dont' know but it'll be part of their gift.

On a not so happy note, my dress did not fit :-(. I have to either lost 10-lbs in the next 3 weeks or put in a corset back. While I know I can starve myself to lose the weight, who's to say I'll keep it off until the wedding? So to prevent a dress disaster, I think I'll just get the corset back. That's another $200 I didn't plan on. Oh well...nothing I can do about that now.

My bridal shower was awesome! My sisters got a room at a club. The food was awesome, I got so many nice gifts and it was truly a humbling experience.

We had my bachelorette afterwards. Went to a karaoke studio. My sisters got another room there. All it took was 2-shots to have me singing like a complete idiot. But it was fun and I had a great time.

Whew! I think that's my longest post to date :-). are the pics

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Re: Few Pics from my bridal shower on Saturday (long)...PIP

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