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Only 1 Decline?!?!

Sheesh!!! I am glad we didn't invite more people given that only 1 person has declined so far.  The deadline is the end of the week, so we'll see what comes in over the next couple of days.  

Re: Only 1 Decline?!?!

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    Wow!!  We were prepared to host everyone invited, but anticipated a large number of declines due to OOT, elderly etc.  We hit our target almost exactly.  You just never know!
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    Same thing with us.  We only have 2 declines out of 120.  We are able to accomodate everyone that is invited, we just were expecting about 10 to decline.  Our rsvp date was 8/25 and they are still coming in (only missing about 15) so who knows what the final count will be.  I'm giving everyone until saturday, after that it is "too bad so sad" lol.  Good thing you didn't overshoot the guest list with the idea that 15% will decline,.
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    We can host all of the people that we invited. I am glad that we didn't invite more people because we would have been really tight for space in the venue.  
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    Join the club we had 4 declines out of 180 invited
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    The good thing is that you're able to host all of them with plenty of space. We're prepared to host everyone we invited but estimated that 30 would decline. 
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    We had 17 out of what we invited but a lot of people who asked about the wedding and said they would be there didn't show up and a lot of people who didn't decline didn't show up. We invited about 328 and ended up with roughly 200 so it worked out
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