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Follow up to the can I touch your hair article

Remember the whole :your ancestors could touch what they wanted but you can't"? well read this to get the full story.
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Re: Follow up to the can I touch your hair article

  • FabbiegirlFabbiegirl member
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    Very interesting read.
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    My take away from this is I understand why someone would not want to feel like they are being petted like an animal. I don't personal take it that far, but my concern is that i don't know where a stranger's hands have been. Some people are nasty, using the restroom and not washing their hands. That would be the same person asking to touch your hair. Yuck!

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  • TNMurrayTNMurray member
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    I agree with a lot of what she said but not all. It was an interesting article.
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    good post... I don't like people to touch me really at all unless i know them. Much less someone come up talking about can I touch your hair.. black or white that is just weird
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