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My church is doing a Daniel Fast for the entire month and I decided to participate this time around. I am really coming to terms with no sugar and no animal products. I am a meat chick and man this is crazy, luckily I can have chicken and fish on the weekends. This morning in pilates class I realized how dependent my body is on sugar, In the middle of my workout I got shaky (I am boarderline diabetic and I used to be Type 2 and getting the shakes was an old feeling). I couldn't wait to get home and have my salad stuffed pita bread.
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    Wow. Hope you get all you ask during this fasting period and are renewed in His love and awesome power.
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    Girl you can do it!!! just keep some healthy snacks with you so your blood sugar doesnt drop real low. I usually keep nuts at my desk at work.
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    Go 'head, girl! We just came out of a 3wk complete fast for the new year. It brought A LOT of clarity. Gearing myself up for Lent! Is your FI doing it too?
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